Watling Hope EBI undertake Fatstrippa® installation for major supermarket retailer

Fatstrippa install at supermarket watbio uk

Birmingham, UK

Leading wastewater specialists Watling Hope EBI have completed the installation of Fatstrippa® food and grease removal units for a major supermarket group.

The Fatstrippa® units were selected for installation owing to their robust construction and non-mechanical operation, meaning staff maintenance is simple and ongoing parts costs are negligible.

The units are fitted to stores’ grease contamination points to prevent grease entering the drainage system.

The Fatstrippa is a non-mechanical grease removal unit. It does not have any moving parts and continues to separate and eject grease even in the event of a power interruption. Fatstrippa units are available across the UK from Watling Hope EBI.

For more details of the Fatstrippa® please contact the Watling Hope EBI sales team on 01789 740757.

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