It may not be on the list but many towns could be getting a Fatberg this year- warns Watling Hope



The Christmas Holidays are a fantastic time of year, but Wastewater Pumping and Treatment Specialists Watling Hope are asking those cooking and roasting to think about something they may not have thought about before – their drains.

Fat, oil and grease is a major problem for the UK’s wastewater system affecting all utilities.

It is not just a problem for utilities. The tens of thousands of litres of fat expected to enter Britain’s drains over Christmas from washing pots, pans and plates’ affects wildlife too.

Sewers restricted with fat lead to sewer overflows which cause sewage flooding in areas you may not expect, such as coastal areas or rivers. In fact the Thames in London floods with raw sewage almost once a week via overflows.

Grease blocks drains. In London alone Thames Water estimates it deals with 80,000 fatberg blockages across the UK every year – costing about £1millon per month to clear.

To see Video showing what fat does to London’s drains visit

Disposing of waste oil and grease properly and not down the drain will help reduce these blockages, which will reduce Environmental Incidents and in turn protect wildlife.

So, when you’re washing up please give a thought to your drains this Christmas and put the waste fat in the bin or recycling tub, not down the sink.

Watling Hope are grease trap and grease management specialists, installing and maintaining across the UK - if you run a restaurant and need help to protect your drains please call us on 01789 740757


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