Watling Hope launch YouTube Channel featuring product overviews and training videos

Grease Guzzler Video


Leading wastewater pumping and treatment specialists Watling Hope have launched

This is an online Video channel hosted on the network

The Watling Hope channel is designed to provide useful video overviews of products and overtime will include product support and technical presentations

The channel already features the following product showcases


Fatstrippa GRU
High performance non-mechanical grease removal unit.  Installed in a commercial kitchen Fatstrippa GRU harvests waste oil from the wash-up sinks which prevents it entering the drain line and leading to blockages.


WatBio® GDPro
High performance fully enclosed drain treatment system delivering 12.5x more grease hungry microorganisms than conventional drain dosers

WatBio® GT Blocks
Unique blocks of powered grease digesting microorganisms which can be placed into a grease trap, pump station or sewage treatment plant where they actively degrade fat, oil and grease

WatBio® Biological Cleaner
A biological alternative to conventional cleaners, this product goes on working long after application, actively degrading organic compounds and reducing odours and smells

For further details please contact Watling Hope on 017879 740757.

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