Watling Hope launch new animated video showing how the Grease Guzzler® keeps drains grease free

Grease Guzzler Video


Watling Hope present an animated video showing how the market-leading Grease Guzzler® keeps drains grease free.

Wastewater pumping and treatment specialists have launched a new animated video to explain how the patented process used by the Grease Guzzler® works.

The video can be found on Watling Hope's YouTube channel or you can go diectly to the video by following this special min'-link

The Grease Guzzler® system is a high-tech biological alternative to a conventional grease trap.

Instead of trapping fat, oil and grease the Grease Guzzler® allows it to pass into the drain-line and then cleans the line biologically by injecting a solution of grease-digesting microbes at pre-programmed intervals.

The result is free-running drains with minimal odours and no trap to clean.

Delivering 10x more biofluid per dose than standard dosing systems
The Grease Guzzler® activated biological drain treatment system is a high performance grease management system trusted and used by 1000's of catering industry professionals across the UK.
Featuring a unique patented pre-activation process the Grease Guzzler® works by automatically activating a culture of micro-organisms and then releasing them into the drainage system at the end of each day.

Once in the line the activated micro-organisms latch onto and degrade grease deposits and form a culture within the treated area which guards against accumulations.
By activating the micro-organisms prior to releasing them the Grease Guzzler® ensures that the active solution is ready to degrade grease as soon as it enters the line - so it starts working immediately.

A further feature of the Grease Guzzler’s patented pre-activation process is that by activating the micro-organisms within a solution they are caused to multiply which means that each night the releases 2750ml of grease digesting bio-fluid from just 27ml of S65 concentrate.

To find out more about the Grease Guzzler® please contact the Watling Hope sales team on 01789 741825.


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