Watling Hope install pioneering low energy sewage treatment system

Watling Hope have installed a pioneering low energy Puraflo Peat Biofiltration sewage treatment system at a remote country pub in the Lancashire Dales.

For many years foul drainage from the property had discharged to an old septic tank which then ran to a soakaway on sloping ground and on to a watercourse about 150m away.

Owing to the success of the pub (and increased pressure on the septic system) effluent was rising to the surface and combining with surface water run-off and there was concern about a possible impact on the stream.

Watling Hope designed a scheme to utilise the existing septic tank but to treat the effluent from it rather than letting it go straight to soakaway.

The innovative new treatment system works by pumping the liquid from the septic tank and then allowing it to trickle through beds of peat-fibre. The peat-fibre is housed in floor mounted modules which are simply connected together.

The new low energy sewage treatment system was installed within a week and without any interruption to trade.

The physical ‘footprint' of the system is larger than for a typical package treatment plant but the environmental footprint is tiny.

Electricity consumption for this application is estimated to be approximately
3-5 kwh per week at a cost of about 5-10 pence per day.

And equally important, a final effluent sample taken 3 months after installation produced discharge quality readings of

4mg/l biochemical oxygen demand
9mg/l suspended solids
1mg/l ammoniacal nitrogen

excellent results compared to the design requirement figures of 20,30 and 10 respectively.

For further details of the Puraflo Peat Biofiltration system please contact Watling Hope on 01789 740757.

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