Watling Hope's grease digesting technology helps to protect drains at London 2012 Olympic Games

Olympic Village (c) Andy Newman

London, UK

Wastewater pumping and treatment specialists Watling Hope have played a small part in helping the London 2012 Olympic games to be a hugely successful event.

Behind the scenes of the glitz and glamour Watling Hope used cutting-edge biotechnology to keep the drains within the Olympic Village running free - and throughout the event not a single blockage was reported.

Widely recognised as industry leaders in bio-remediation drain treatment Watling Hope were approached by LOCOG (the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) to provide a solution to prevent drain problems caused by grease at 120 food service facilities within the Olympic Facilities.

After careful analysis and consideration Watling Hope submitted a proposal to supply their GDPRO biological drain dosing system into each food serving facility.

The GDPRO is a unique drain treatment system which prevents grease blocking drains by injecting high-strength bacteria into the drain-line after each days trading. The bacteria colonize the surface of the drainage pipe-work and digest fat deposits as they cool down and form on the walls of the drain pipe-work.

The small, stainless steel GDPRO unit with a secure lockable housing suited LOCOGs requirements not least because it required no staff training or involvement and its small size meant it could be installed discretely within the kitchens.

LOCOG discussed the options internally and issued Watling Hope an order to supply 120 GDPRO units direct into the London 2012 Olympic Village.

The units were installed within each of the food serving facilities and worked 24 hours a day during the Olympics and Paralymics to prevent drain blockages.

Watling Hope's Managing Director Edward Palin commented 'We were absolutely delighted to be selected for this project, when the London 2012 liveried courier vans arrived at our our offices to collect the systems our whole company were abuzz and we felt very proud to be involved in this hugely prestigious event'.

For further details of the GDPRO biological drain treatment system please contact Watling Hope on 01789 741825.

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