Watling Hope provide guidance on grease traps and dosing systems at Yorkshire Water event

Leeds, UK

Watling Hope were delighted to be invited by Yorkshire Water plc to lead a presentation regarding the issues of fat, oil and grease in sewer networks.

The presentation was held at Yorkshire Water's offices and attended by Yorkshire Water's business customers.

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of the problem of fat, oil and grease and to discuss the various methods available to manage the probem including grease-traps, automatic grease separators and biological grease digestion systems.

The presentation covered

  • Problems caused by fat, oil and grease
  • Network issues
  • Local drainage issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Good kitchen management practices
  • Effective ways of managing FOG

Speaking after the event Watling Hope's managing director Edward Palin said " Yorkshire Water are leading the way in terms of customer-engagement on fat, oil and grease - it's a massive problem for all water companies but very few are getting through on a point-of-use level. We salute Yorkshire Water's positive stance and feel sure it will cut down network issues and improve network performance".

Watling Hope are a specialist in fat, oil and grease management working with operators of restaurants and kitchens across the UK and beyond. For further details of products or to arrange a training event please contact Watling Hope on 01789 740757.

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