Watling Hope complete installation of new sewage treatment plant for The Fire Fighters Charity

Fire Fighters Charity, Harcombe House - New Sewage Treatment Plant

Exeter, South West England

Wastewater treatment specialists Watling Hope have completed the installation of a new HiPAF® sewage treatment plant at Harcombe House near Exeter for The Fire Fighters Charity.

Harcombe House is one of three residential homes offering therapy and recuperation for firefighters.  In addition to the main house the property has also 28 chalets within the grounds and which are available for rental.

The property had an existing RBC sewage treatment plant which was installed some years ago. The RBC (rotating biological contactor) works by rotating a large cylindrical media-pack which is partially submerged in the sewage. The effect is aerated biological sewage treatment through mechanical means.

The existing RBC sewage treatment plant had become too small for the needs of the property and owing to its age was becoming increasingly unreliable. Equipment failure was not only proving costly for engineer’s call-outs and system re-starts but the site’s managers were concerned about the environmental impact of repeated system down-time.

The Fire Fighters Charity property management team began to explore options for a new system. Initially, the property management team was intending to replace the old RBC with a new slightly larger RBC.

Whilst exploring options the Fire Fighters Charity contacted Watling Hope.

Watling Hope submitted a proposal not to supply a mechanically driven RBC but a non-mechanical WPL HiPAF® submerged aerated filter system. In order to reduce energy consumption the system was to incorporate a new energy saving operation using twin blowers providing duty/standby rather than a single blower.

The Fire Fighters Charity considered Watling Hope’s proposal, and options from other suppliers. After carefully considering the available options the property management team instructed Watling Hope to install the new HiPAF® sewage treatment plant.

Works were carried out over 3 weeks during June and July 2011. Works included demolition of the existing RBC sewage treatment plant and installation by Watling Hope’s installation team of the new HiPAF® sewage system.

The installation was carried out without any disruption to site and in full compliance with The Fire Fighters Charity’s strict CDM safety procedures.

Allan Mason, Facilities Manager for The Fire Fighters Charity, said: “We have been very impressed with the services and assistance provided by Watling Hope. They have been extremely helpful throughout the whole process of advising which system to choose and replacing our sewage treatment plant.

“Watling Hope have at all times provided clear details and considerations towards the Charity and had taken into the account the environment they had been working in. The project was started on time and was fully functional on the scheduled program date.

“Through the whole contract, I have nothing but praise for how their whole organisation has carried out the replacement of the Charity’s complete new water treatment plant - with no interruptions to the existing systems. Their engineers have been superb and had kept the Charity updated and have kept to all key dates as agreed at all times.

“We have been extremely happy and fortunate to have found an organisation such as Watling Hope, where the values of Mr. Mike Palin are mirrored through the company.”

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