BBC News reports 'Massive fat mounds removed from London's sewers' following Thames Water Clean-up

Thames Water Sewer - manual grease and fat dig out by engineer of blocked london sewer

London, UK

Thames Water have announced a major clean-up of the sewer system in Central London.

The operation has involved the manual removal of a large volume of fat, oil and grease which has been discharged into the sewer system from the restaurants and café's around Leicester Square.

Watling Hope's head of grease management Andy Newman comments "Fat build-up reduces the capacity of the sewer system which can lead to 'surcharges' where raw sewage cannot pass through the system fast enough causing it to spill out of drains and into the street. This poses massive hygiene problems and ultimately its the restaurants and cafes that will suffer a loss of trade. London's problem is caused by a wide-spread lack of adequate grease managment equipment within the city's hotels, cafe's and restaurants aswell as poor housekeeping - simply by fitting a suitable grease trap or dosing system and providing best practice training to staff would dramatically reduce the problem".

To view video of the operation please click this link

For details of Watling Hope's grease traps and grease management products please visit the Grease Traps & Treatment section of our website.

(Image taken from Thames Water website - July 2010)

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