Grease Guzzler®

Designed to perfom, built to last.


The Grease Guzzler® system is a biological alternative to a conventional grease trap.

Instead of trapping fat, oil and grease the Grease Guzzler® allows it to pass into the drain-line and then cleans the line biologically by injecting a solution of grease-digesting microbes at pre-programmed intervals. 

The result is free-running drains with minimal odours and no trap to clean. 


Delivering 10x more biofluid per dose than standard dosing systems

Grease Guzzler Internal

The Grease Guzzler® activated biological drain treatment system is a high performance grease management system trusted and used by 1000's of catering industry professionals across the UK.

Featuring a unique patented pre-activation process the Grease Guzzler® works by automatically activating a culture of micro-organisms and then releasing them into the drainage system at the end of each day.

Once in the line the activated micro-organisms latch onto and degrade grease deposits and form a culture within the treated area which guards against accumulations.

By activating the micro-organisms prior to releasing them the Grease Guzzler® ensures that the active solution is ready to degrade grease as soon as it enters the line - so it starts working immediately.

A further feature of the Grease Guzzler’s patented pre-activation process is that by activating the micro-organisms within a solution they are caused to multiply which means that each night the releases 2750ml of grease digesting bio-fluid from just 27ml of S65 concentrate.


System Features

The Grease Guzzler® can be used in conjunction with a grease trap / grease separator or on its own as a stand-alone drain maintenance system.

  • Class-leading multi-strain bio-fluid containing 58 different strains of bacteria
  • Entirely natural and 100% environmentally friendly
  • High performance patented technology
  • Fully automatic
  • Wall mounted (takes up no valuable floor space)
  • Clean and hygienic (no waste passes through the system)
  • Fixed cost all-inclusive maintenance
  • Suitable for combined drainage systems
  • WRAS Approved
  • Compliant with British Building Regulations (BSEn1825/2)

System Benefits

  • Digests grease oils and fats within the drainage system biologically
  • Absolutely no user maintenance required, ever
  • Prevents blockages
  • Degrades grease within any connecting in-ground grease traps
  • No odours
  • Cheaper through-life cost than in-ground greasetrap
  • Fixed cost maintenance means no hidden costs


Guardian Newspapers Limited
"just a few words on how pleased we are with the grease guzzler system it has now been installed for 3 months. the installation was carried out to a high standard and i would use watling hope in future projects."
Dennis Scutt, Building Services Manager

Squires Garden Centre
"The Grease Guzzler unit was installed in January 2005 and we are very pleased with it. It really is a 200% improvement on what we had before. The drains are free of grease and so far the service has been excellent"
Annette, Restaurant Manager

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