Grease 2 Energy™

Turning your grease waste into usable biofuel

grease2energy fat, oil and grease to biofuel

Watling Hope’s Grease 2 Energy™ service is a pioneering approach to handling and extracting value from the waste oil carried in washing up waste-water.

Traditionally restaurant operators have installed a grease trap to prevent drain blockages.

Now the grease trap is actually able to provide a revenue stream for operators of hotels and restaurants.

The Grease 2 Energy™ service is offered exclusively by Watling Hope and includes

  • Supply of a grease recovery unit
  • Supply of grease collection storage unit
  • Periodic collection of grease storage unit
  • Payment from Watling Hope for the recovered oil

To find out how to turn your grease into a valuable fuel source contact us today on 01789 740757 and ask for Grease 2 Energy™

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