Facts about Fat, Oil & Grease

Fat does not just cause problems in local drainage systems - it causes major issues for sewer networks.

The reduced capacity of the network caused by FOG accumulations can lead to surcharges where sewers are forced to 'overflow' into rivers, streams and beaches. Many major utilities have set up task-forces to address the problem and are adopting a 'polluter' pays principle.

Fat, oil and grease build up in london sewer systemLondon sewer system after cleaning


Fat, oil and grease costs the UK Water industry an estimated £15M per year.
source - Anglian Water

Anglian Water estimate that 10,000 tonnes of fat, oil and grease enter their drainage system each year alone – reducing the sewer capacity by up to 10%.
source - Anglian Water

The Environment Agency estimate 75% of sewer blockages are caused by a build-up of FOG.
source - Environment Agency

The Environment Agency estimate that Sewer Blockages account for over 100,000 environmental incidents each year.
source - Environment Agency

Thames Water reported that in 2007/2008 over 60,500 sewer blockages reported were caused in part by FOG.
source - Thames Water

(Image taken from Thameswater MediaArchive)

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