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WPL HiPAF Cover Design

Incorrectly sizing a sewage system can be a costly mistake. If the anticipated load through the treatment plant is not calculated correctly, the plant simply won’t meet the required discharge consent.

Sewage treatment systems are generally referred to in terms of 'Population Equivalent' (PE), which is to say the number of normal domestic residents that the system would be able to serve. Other applications do however require careful consideration. Whereas a domestic resident might generate 200 litres/day, the figure in a hotel or nursing home would be greater and in a pub could be only 15 litres. The pub waste would however be stronger, and the organic content and other factors will also dictate the size and 'PE' of the treatment plant required.

Using British Water formulae for sewage plant loadings (which take into account application type) and drawing from a wealth of experience we are able accurately to evaluate the requirements for each project and put forward a system which will meet a customer's needs now and in the future.

For developers and commercial customers (with 50-5000 PE) we will size and design a bespoke sewage system which will meet your requirements and those of the Environment Agency. For domestic clients we offer a range of ready built packaged systems from suit 5-50 PE. Watling Hope will also undertake to submit formal applications to the Environment Agency on behalf of customers, and deal with other approvals if required.

All systems are process guaranteed.

Watling Hope’s plant design and specification services are available either on their own (for architects, developers etc), with the supply of the system, or as part of our full turnkey package.

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