Adding Value


Why choose Watling Hope?

At Watling Hope we 'add value' by helping to select the right solution for your project and once installed we are here to make sure it works - now and in the future.


Looking after your interests

We act in our clients interests to ensure you receive best value by using the right solutions in the right applications. We can help you resolve both the technical and legal issues that may arise when the Environment Agency, Planning Regulations, land disputes and access are involved.


Market-leading Experience

We carry out over 4000 services a year on a wide variety of equipment in a broad range of applications across the UK. Equipment covered includes package sewage treatment plants, sewage pumping stations, telemetry, kitchen drainage pumps, grease traps, food sediment traps and biological treatment systems.

This level of experience means that we know the efficacy and relaibaility of most equipment within our sector. We also understand that different types of site may require different types of equipment. This means when we reccommend a solution or product you can depend on it to perform.



At Watling Hope we understand the importance of clear, concise communication.

Whether you use our services to design a new sewage scheme or to maintain existing equipment you will always be able to speak to the same person who will assist with enquiries.

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