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As you may or may not know, Severn Trent Water recently launched what it calls the "Sewer Misuse Project", which is an initiative to reduce the quantities of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) and food waste being discharged into the sewer. It applies to both commercial and residential customers, but is particularly important to food service establishments (FSE), such as restaurants, pubs, hotels, schools and other business running a commercial kitchen. In certain areas FSEs will be required, by law, to install properly sized grease trapping equipment.


Does this apply to you?

In geographic areas where sewer blockages are more severe, Severn Trent Water requires that appropriate grease management measures should be put in place. If you are a restaurant, hotel or other kind of food service business and you are a Severn Trent Water customer, you must install a properly sized grease trap / grease removal unit (GRU).

Severn Trent's catchment area is shown in the map below (image courtesy of Severn Trent), but if you still aren't sure if your business is affected, you can find your supplier on the Water UK website.

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OK, I'm in the catchment area, what do I do next?

Well, you could skip the next bit and let us handle it for you. Just call 01789 740757, click here to let us call you back  

Otherwise, read on...

Severn Trent Water has created a list of approved grease trap suppliers, from whom affected food service businesses can buy their equipment safely and competitively. We are pleased to announce that Watling Hope is on that list.

As well as providing the appropriate, approved equipment, we can ensure it is correctly sized and will give you impartial advice on what will be right for your specific needs.


What does this mean for you?

If you are in the designated area, you should have received a letter from Severn Trent Water, informing you that you must install the required grease trap(s). Within that letter are instructions on how you must go about this. If you have not received a letter, it does not necessarily mean you are excused, please contact Severn Trent Water to make sure. If you have received the letter but don't know what to do next, just call us on 01789 740757 or click here to let us call you back and we'll sort it out for you.

Please note, you cannot simply buy and fit a grease trap, you must first submit formal plans to STW outlining who your chosen supplier is, how the grease trapping equipment has been sized, how it is to be installed, and where. Sounds complicated?


How can Watling Hope make this an easy process for you?

Working closely with Severn Trent Water, we have put together a straightforward and transparent process, whereby we can take almost all of the work off your hands, ensuring you receive an appropriate and correctly sized grease management unit at the best possible price. Call us on 01789 740757 to find out how, or click here to let us call you back.

It is in all of our interests to make this process as simple and painless as it can be: you want to avoid distraction and cost, we want to fulfill our commitments to Severn Trent Water, and Severn Trent wants the equipment installed to start reducing FOG as quickly as possible.


Working closely with Severn Trent Water, we have put together a straightforward and transparent process, whereby we can take almost all of the work of

To support businesses falling inside STW's catchment area, our process is as follows:

  1. Message us here and we'll call you back when it suits you

  2. Our approved engineers work out the size of grease removal unit (GRU) that you require

  3. We recommend several grease trap options, giving you a fair assessment of the pros and cons of each

  4. You make your selection

  5. You arrange a purchase with our engineers, buy online or talk to us about arranging finance

  6. Watling Hope engineers will come to you to install the unit

  7. They will provide full training on the equipment's operation and maintenance; OR

  8. If you prefer, we can arrange a fully managed service, where we look after your grease traps on your behalf, leaving you to focus on feeding your customers

  9. Depending on the equipment you opt for, we will explain how you can resell your oil, how much money you might earn and how we can support you in doing so

  10. On appropriate units we will give you a 10-year warranty


Which grease traps are approved by Severn Trent Water?

There are a number of different grease trap options that comply with Severn Trent's initiative, with a wide range of price options. We will ensure that your grease trap meets their requirements. 

Grease traps fall into two different classes: passive grease traps and grease removal units. Severn Trent’s guidance requires that FSEs use a properly licensed plumbing professional to install ONLY grease traps that comply with the following standards:

Passive grease traps must be designed, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the following NSAI Standards pertaining to grease separators:

  • B.S. EN 1825:2004 – Principles of Design, Performance, and Testing, Marking and Quality Control

  • B.S. EN 1825:2002 – Selection of Nominal Size, Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Grease removal units (GRUs) must be deisgned in accordance with the following standard issued by the Plumbing and Drainage Institute:

  • Standard PDI-G101 – Testing and Rating Procedure for Grease Interceptors (includes appendix of sizing and installation data)


Compliant Grease Traps

Below you can find a list of grease traps that, depending on the size of your kitchen, may meet the STW's stipulations. The following matrix is provided to help you make your selection. Need some advice? Call us on 01789 740757 or leave your details and we'll call you back.

Grease Trap Comparison Chart

Why buy a top-of-the-range grease trap?

When assessing grease trap value for money, please ensure you consider each of the following factors:

  1. How reliable is it - i.e. how likely is it that my grease trap will go wrong?

  2. How much will it cost to maintain?

  3. How often must I, or one of my staff, stop working to empty the grease trap?

  4. How often does my grease trap need servicing?

  5. What does an average service cost?


What is the recommended grease trap for Severn Trent's 'Sewer Misuse Project'?

Although we supply a number of different grease traps, Watling Hope recommends the 'Fatstrippa' for the following reasons:

  1. The Fat Strippa is arguably the most effective grease trap / interceptor on the market, offering unparalleled removal of fat, oil and grease (in tests it removed more than 99%)

  2. With no moving parts and a simple, robust design it is very reliable and cheap to maintain

  3. It is legally compliant yet easy to fit and use – simply connect it to your sink, dishwasher or cooking station and leave it to collect food debris and fat automatically, emptying it when full

  4. It requires less frequent emptying due to extremely low moisture content (0.5%) in collected FOG

  5. The high quality recovered oil can be sold for recycling

  6. It comes with a 10-year warranty

  7. Finance is available meaning you can pay by installments


I can’t afford a grease trap, what then?

Here at Watling Hope we understand the cash flow pressures of a small to medium-sized business, so we have put together our own tailored leasing option. You can pay for your grease trap via a series of staged payments, enabling you to pay what you can afford each month. Contact us to discuss finance options.


What next?

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